Robot Pricing 2024

Region Europe/APAC/Japan NAM-LAM
Currency Euro USD
NAO V6 * 5784€ $7970
Additional Battery ** 176€  
Additional Charger ** 266€  
Additional Charger + Battery ** 350€ $590
1 Year Maintenance Package for NAO V6 *** 1296€ (APAC/Japan) $1540
10 Repair Vouchers for NAO V6 5000€ (Europe)  
Warranty Extension for NAO V5 and previous versions Not available Not available

* The NAO price includes: 2 years warranty starting on the shipping date, 1 charger and battery. Does not include shipping and taxes. Limit of six (6) robots per Challenge Shield Team and eight (8) robots per Champions Cup team.

** Subject to availability. Does not include shipping and taxes.

*** The total warranty period shall not exceed a duration of 4 years after the initial shipping date of the product, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Important information
Due to the electronic components crisis, COMPANIES are facing a shortage of batteries for NAO. Orders can be fulfilled depending on availability. 
As for NAO V4, quotation will be done within the limits of available stock of NAO V4 spare parts.
Warranty does not include shipping costs. For the sake of clarity, in case of warranty claim, Teams will have to pay for the shipment of the robot if such transport is needed.

Regular repair centre repairs on cost estimates and the one time repairs for the events (440€ plus VAT) are still available as well.



United Robotics Group

  • Jason Panella
    +1 603-204-4672

For China:

Softbank Robotics China

  • Edward Zhang 章文达 | China Sales Manager
    Mobile: + 86 13601848195
    Rm101, Building 1, 888 Tianlin Rd, Minhang Dist., Shanghai, China

For Japan:
Softbank Robotics Japan

  • Tao Rong

For Europa & Sudafrika:
United Robotics Group

  • Eva Hähn
  • Ugné Buteliauskaite