Call for Applications 2008 (Simulation Competitions)

Call for Applications

RoboCup 2008 SPL League Simulation Competitions

July, 2008

Suzhou, China

During RoboCup 2008 the SPL (Standard Platform League) will include two different simulation competitions. They will be based on simulated Nao robots and the same rules of the SPL competitions with real robots will be applied. The Webots/Gostai competition makes use of the Webots simulator software developed by Cyberbotics. The robot controller software will be developed using software will be developed using either Urbi+Java by Gostai (Java is interfaced to Urbi), or using Java alone IMPORTANT UPDATE: According to a recent discussion, Cyberbotics decided to allow C/C++ controllers in Webots/Gostai (RobotStadium) contest. In this competition there will be online games until RoboCup, and the finals will be held during RoboCup. The second competition is based on the Microsoft Robotics Studio (MRS) as the simulation platform. In this case all games will be played during RoboCup.

We announce a call for participation in these two competitions. Participants can choose competing on-site or remotely. Probably, there will be a limitation on the number of participants that will come to Suzhou but the limits will be determined according to the number of initial intention of participations, and will be announced soon. The teams should follow the registration procedure for senior teams (see There will not be a limit on the number of remotely participating teams. After the qualification process, the name and contact information of the qualified teams will be delivered to the RoboCup federation and the qualified teams will receive their username/password for accessing the registration site.

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Call for Participation

We now open an official call for applications for the Nao simulation competitions of SPL. By May 31st (GMT) interested teams should submit the following material:

  1. Intent to participate, including the competition(s) you are willing to participate in.
  2. A TDP (Team Description Paper) that includes a clear statement of research interests and results, used technology/language/framework etc.
  3. Pointers to relevant publications, if any.

Applications should be submitted to


2008 Technical and Organizing Committees